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doggie daycare
doggy daycare
dog daycare
dog daycare
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Doggie Daycare

An important part of a healthy lifestyle for dogs is the release of energy and socialization with other dogs. As pack animals, most dogs prefer to play with others instead of being home alone while you’re away. Our doggie daycare, which is included for all overnight guests, will ensure plenty of play time as well as structured rest periods. With three separate themed indoor play areas, we are able to group dogs based on size, chemistry and temperament to accommodate those energetic puppies as well as those timid or senior canine guests! Each of these large play areas feature unique amenities to increase fun and comfort. All guests will be sure to come for fun and leave with tails wagging.

Benefits of Doggie Daycare

dog daycare
puppy socialization
  • A great way to give your canine friend exercise and mental stimulation!  We provide dogs access to furry friends and loving staff all day long, giving them the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs. This allows them to learn how to properly socialize and interact with other dogs. A tired dog is a good dog!

  • It’s great for socialization. Dogs love people, but most dogs LOVE to be with other canine friends. They learn that other dogs can be friends and they learn how to communicate with them in social environments. The younger you start with socialization, the better equipped your pup will be when it comes to interacting with new dogs. 

doggy daycare
doggie daycare
  • Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home. Your dog may get lonely at home all by his/herself. Some dogs don’t like this alone time and need the company of other dogs. Even one day a week can have a large impact in his/her life! In doggie daycare, your dog will get all the attention and playtime with other dogs that they need and enjoy.

  • A good solution for busy dog owners. When "life" takes you out of the house, your dog is home resting, waiting for you to return from work or errands to play! Instead, drop off your dog to us for play time. You will both be ready for a relaxing evening when you get home. 

  • Human Contact. During the day while you are away at work, the staff members of the daycare will interact with your dog regularly. Staff is always in the pack to interact during play. Some dogs prefer to play with other four-legged friends. Others desire direct interaction from the staff through brushing, petting and tons of cuddles. Either way, we're here to play!

dog pool
  • Year-round fun in our climate controlled indoor play areas. Our two outside areas are used hourly for potty breaks, and for outdoor playtime when the weather is good! Our dogs love the play structures, pools and artificial turf to run on.

  • Four options for length of playtime: 4 hr, 6 hr, 8 hr, or 10 hr play. Choose which works best for your schedule and budget. Packages are available too, to increase savings!

  • No need to call ahead for daycare, just show up!                       (after passing temperament test)

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