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dog kennel free boarding

Pups Paradise takes a cage-free dog boarding approach. Each guest can relax with privacy in a room customized to make their rest easier, and reduce stress while relaxing. Think of it as a doggy hotel while you're on vacation out of town. Personalize your dog's room with their own bed, blanket, toys, or anything that will help make it just like home. If you want to leave their items at home, don’t worry, we provide beds upon request at no additional charge. We ask you just bring food to keep their tummies in order. At Pups Paradise, we are not just a dog boarding facility, but a full-service dog resort. This includes dog daycare for dogs boarding with us ensuring they'll have an amazing experience!



Room sizes are all the same price, we just select the appropriate one for your dog or multi-dog family staying together.

Suite              1-5 Nights  6-9 Nights  10+ Nights

 1 Dog                       $46             $43              $40           

 Additional Dog        $33             $32              $31           

dog boarding
cage free dog suite


Upscale rooms offering a tv, playing a dog soothing dvd on loop morning until 10:30 pm.

Suite              1-5 Nights  6-9 Nights  10+ Nights

 1 Dog                       $52             $49              $45           

 Additional Dog        $37             $36              $34           

Boarding Add-ons


Customized One on One Time: $15

One on one time consists of 20 mins of individual time with one of our staff members. Play time allows your dog to burn some extra energy. Puzzle time provides mental stimulation and enrichment. Cuddle time gives extra interaction with our staff through pets and snuggles.

Bath: $15

FREE for any stays 6 nights and over!

Baths do not include full blow drying or brushing


Treats are given about 50 minutes after dinner

Treats cannot be given on your dog's departure day

Frozen Peanut Butter Lick Mat: $4

Baked or Frozen Treats: $2-$5

*Flavors vary. Ask a staff member for available flavor options.

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